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Greymoria Warlocks

Greymoria is the goddess of magic and this includes warlocks.   Whether correctly or incorrectly, most Scarterrans assuming Greymoria warlocks are little more than living chess pieces in Greymoria's schemes and vendettas.


While the Children claim Greymoria has a hand in birth or creation of all mages, is widely believed to the point where it is treated as fact that Greymoria has to put more of a personal investment in empowering a warlock as opposed to when she empowers a sorcerer or wizard.   Greymoria is not known for her charity, so the Mother of Magic is hoping for a return on her investment.   A wizard or sorcerer can develop magic by following the training or hereditary path that Greymoria set forth forth as metaphysical laws, but each and every Greymoria affiliated warlock was at least in least in theory personally vetted by Greymoria or one of her most trusted spirit minions.

Affected Groups

About half of her warlocks are recruited from the populations of Greymoria worshiping subcultures and the other half are recruited from among "normies" so to speak.   Those from pro-Greymoria backgrounds are often given relatively mild and easy pact requirements because it can be safely assumed that they will advanced Greymoria's goals with minimal pushing.   Those witches and warlocks that did not grow up in a family or culture that regularly sang praises to the Dark Mother are likely to be given more stringent pacts to keep them on the straight and narrow though some theorize, that like with Fae Warlocks, Greymoria can pull some metaphysical sustenance from her warlocks and thus she gains some benefit from warlocks with stringent pacts even if these warlocks do not serve her goals. This has not been proven or disproven.   A small but highly visible minority of Greymoria warlocks are individuals who grew up outside of pro-Greymoria communities but who are filled with rage, envy and spite. Sometimes Greymoria spirits empower these sorts as warlocks with minimal pact requirements just to set them loose on Scarterra at large and watch the show.


Warlocks were relatively common in the First Age. Greymoria frequently empowered exceptional members of her canon fodder races with the hopes that this will let them take down dragons who shunned her.   Unfortunately for Greymoria, the dragons won these battles.   In the Second Age, Greymoria and her spirit minions never stopped recruiting warlocks but overall Greymoria was more interested in encouraging the spread of Wizardry and was very successful at it though most wizards did not venerate Greymoria as much as she felt she was due.   Whether by accident or design, the Third Age is more magically cosmopolitan with a relatively even mix of sorcerers, wizards and warlocks slightly favoring wizards and slightly disfavoring warlocks.   With limited success, Greymoria and her Children have been pushing for more spiritual unity between different types of mages and Warlocks are often at the forefront of this movement. At least Greymoria's warlocks are. Lately, Greymoria's warlocks and the Children in general have become increasingly hostile to Fae Warlocks and Nami Warlocks as well as less tolerant of Greymoria warlocks not toeing the party line.

Cultural Reception

General attitudes towards Greymoria warlocks tend to follow general attitudes towards Greymoria. Outside of Kahdisteria and certain monstrous races in Scarnoctis, attitudes towards Greymoria are rarely warm. Inside Kahdisteria, warlocks are often among the upper crust of society, on equal footing with wizards and sorcerers.
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  Many Greymoria warlocks keep a low profile and try to impersonate sorcerers or Fae Warlocks or keep their powers under wraps completely.   If a Greymoria warlock wants to seek succor with a friendly group, their best is nearly always to present themselves to a Greymoria affiliated temple. Supposedly, the Children are supposed to treat all mages with respects but many favor certain kind of mages over others. There are pro-warlock Children, both as individuals and factions and most Greymoria warlocks end up joining one of these groups unless they make it a point to keep out of Greymoria's politics as much as possible.
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