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Nami Warlocks

Nicknames: wind witches (polite), orphan Rovers (derogatory)   As the goddess of magic, Greymoria also took the title of goddess of warlocks and forbid the rest of the Nine from empowering warlocks. Most of the Nine were content leave her to this, but Nami doesn’t like being told what she can or can’t do, so she opted to empower a few warlocks just to assert herself and spite Greymoria.   Nami warlocks can potentially wield any magic but their initial magic usually falls in with the wishes of warlock or their powers fall in line with their basic personality.   Nami warlocks are to pigeonhole or predict but they are never boring, often finding themselves the unwitting center of major events. Many believe Nami empowers warlocks simply to watch their lives for the entertainment value.


  Nami warlocks (or witch, though “warlock” is often gender neutral) are offered mystic power by powerful Nami spirits, some believe they are handpicked by Nami herself. The only commonality is that Nami warlocks tend to be people from ordinary backgrounds who seem destined to live extraordinary lives or have extraordinary lives foisted upon them.   Nami warlocks don’t have much of a society or social network because it is quite rare for two Nami warlocks to even meet once.   Nami's Rovers welcome any Nami Warlocks that approach them but they don't actively recruit them and they don't apply social pressure on them to do or not do anything.

Transmission & Vectors

Hereditary warlocks in general are fairly rare, but Nami witches and warlocks never pass on anything of their mystic legacy to their children and is unheard for for the descendants of Nami warlocks to be offered their own Nami warlock pact.   Sometimes, envy pushes the children of Nami warlock to seek to Patrons from other sources though.


On average, Nami only empowers one new warlock every year if even that much.   Most Nami warlock candidates are adolescent or young adult men and women from unassuming backgrounds but usually of uncommonly strong will.   Typically, a young person is politely approached by a Nami spirit when they are facing a cross roads moment in their lives and asked if they want the Lady of Winds to bestow them with mystic power.   Some rumors state that these people are not approached by mere messenger spirits, but by an avatar of Nami herself, but this has not been proven or disproven.


Nami warlocks have existed at least since the early Second Age though they have never been common.   There are exceptions, but more often than not Nami warlocks are swept up by historical events rather than forging history themselves.   A good analogy might be to imagine what Forest Gump would do if he had some supernatural powers (maybe his running speed was supernatural).   Many Nami warlocks look at the randomness of their lives and choose to be proactive in response to it.     Many of the most famous and well-remembered Nami warlocks were demon fighters during the Second Unmaking and the Little Unmaking. Some theologians and historians speculate that Nami or her servants asked them to fight demons rather than engage in their usual policy of saying "Do what you want."   For all of her aloofness, the Lady of the Winds, like the rest of the Nine, did not want Scarterra to be consumed by the Void.

Cultural Reception

Generally Nami warlocks are so rare that people don't have preexisting opinions on them are likely to lump them in with other Warlocks.   Many Scarterrans aren't even aware that Nami warlocks exist at all.   Unsurprisingly, Rovers are usually at least familiar with the concept. Typically, Rovers will leave Nami warlocks to their own devices but they warmly welcome them into the fold if the warlocks approach them directly.

Character Creation Guidelines for Nami Warlocks

  Required: Arcane Spell caster Merit, Willpower 5+   Highly Recommended: A few seemingly random supernatural merits and flaws   Recommended: Eureka Moments, Social merits tying the warlock to the Rovers   Forbidden: None
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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