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the Void

When Turoch died, a part of Turoch lingered on. The Void is a physical place, a separate plane of existence and the spiritual remains of Turoch's corpse. The Void represents both Turoch's anger and his endless hunger.   Metaphysically (and literally) this is where you go if you walk off the edge of the world. The Near Void is basically cold and dark but is not inherently dangerous but the near Void only extends a few miles. Beyond this is a wall of wind called the Barrier. The Barrier was created by the Nine to keep the Void from consuming all life on Scarterra.   Past the Barrier, mortals need potent magic to avoid being killed by negative energy within minutes. Void Demons periodically spawn here. The Barrier normally keeps them at bay, but temporary holes sometimes allows Void Demons through in singly or in small numbers.   A skilled or lucky mortal can step into the Near Void in the south pole and walk back into the mortal plane by the north pole, but there are a lot simpler and less dangerous means of magical travel. Mortals can use magic spells to reach the Void, but the Void is so dangerous to living beings, generally only intelligent undead bother with this.
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