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Void demons

Void demons, as their name suggests, are creatures that spawn in the realm known as the Void.   They are believed to be manifestations of Turoch's's wrath or manifestations of his endless hunger or both.   Generally, you can gage the power of a Void demon by it's size. With very few exceptions, larger demons are smarter and more foreword thinking than smaller demons, larger demons have stronger psionic and magic powers than smaller demons, and smaller demons usually obey larger demons unquestioning. All demons regardless of power level, seem to be relentlessly searching for passage into the material plane. Once there they will make every effort to seek out mortal souls to consume. If circumstances prevent them from finding mortal souls and they are not restrained by a superior, most demons will eventually start killing animals though draining the life force of animals seems to be mostly empty calories for them.   Temporary holes open and close in the Barrier often. Most Void demons presumably spend most of their time probing the Barrier for weaknesses. Big small holes are more common than large holes, most of the demons that escape into the material plane during the the Third Age are relatively small and weak demons. Gaps in the Barrier often close without warning.  If they close on a demon while crossing they could be sliced in half and destroyed or if they are lucky, they might merely lose a limb or a tail.   Demon grunts are a relatively common sight, Death demons seem to represent the ceiling, no larger or stronger seem to have crossed over since the Barrier was repaired after the damage it took during the Second Unmaking.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

As far as any mortal demonologist, theologian, or storyteller understands, Void demons are asexual and androgynous.  Many seem to have trouble understanding sexual differences in mortal races.


It is unknown how long it took for Turoch's essence to become what is now known as the Void or how long the Void has been spawning Void Demons but historical records seem to suggest that the Barrier was stronger in the First Age than it is/was in later eras.   There are no surviving written records suggesting Void demons ever crossed over into the mortal plane during the.  There are oral stories about demonic incursions in the First Age, but these are likely fabrications made up by storytellers.  It does seem that some dragons have ventured into the Void beyond the Barrier and a few even survived to come back and tell others about it, but few others seemed to believe them at the time or at the very least took the reports as evidence that the Void was best to be avoided.  Whether there were any dragon Infernalists remains a source of speculation to this day.   Written records seem to indicate that Void demons did manage to enter the mortal plane in small numbers and some elves turned to Infernalism before the Second Unmaking made it a tool for survival.  Whether these early Infernalists or not hand a hand in causing the @Second Unmaking remains a source of speculation to this day.
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