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winter demons

The Barrier against the Void keeps most larger demons at bay most of the time, but larger demons manage to sneak through during the peak of winter.  Hence why larger demons are called winter demons.  Solidifying this name is the fact that winter demons can wield cold based invocation magic.   Winters Demons are about twice the weight of common Void Demons and half again as tall. They have a cold aura and often frost the air, ground, or objects around them. Instead of legs they have a mass of tentacles.   Void Demons do not have claws like common demon grunts , but their energy draining attack is more powerful.   All demons are telepathic. Void demon sergeants can reach out to demons within a roughly three-mile radius.   Void demon winter demons will unquestionably follow the commands of any more powerful demon, even taking suicidal orders. demon sergeants and demon sergeants are below them and all other demons are above them.   It is very rare to see two winter demons in the same place without a greater demon calling the shots, but winter demons can generally work together well when they do meet by serendipity.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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