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demon sergeants

Void demon sergeants are physiological very similar to demon grunts.   Their heads are slightly larger and their eyes are much larger.  They have the same physical abilities as the common soldiers but they are more intelligent.  Grunts led by sergeants will use more sophisticated tactics.   All demons are telepathic.  Void demon sergeants can reach out to demons within a roughly five-mile radius.   Void demon sergeants will unquestionably follow the commands of any more powerful demon, even taking suicidal orders. Demon grunts are below them and all other demons are above them.   It is very rare to see two Void demon sergeants in the same place without a greater demon calling the shots.  If two sergeants meet, they will usually geographically distance themselves and split up any grunts between them.
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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