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death demons

Death demons are the largest and most powerful demons that have managed to enter the material plane after the Second Unmaking.   Death Demons are about twice as tall as common Void Demons and weigh about four times as much. Instead of legs they have a mass of tentacles. They have all the energy draining and invocation powers of winter demons, but they also have formidable necromantic powers. They can create and command a wide variety of undead minions.   Death demons are intelligent enough to employ a wide variety of tactics, but their favorite strategy is to quietly collect large quantities of undead minions over time then overwhelm their foes with numbers in an overwhelming surprise blitzkrieg.   Death demons expect and receive the unconditional loyalty of all other demons.  In theory, death demons would obey their superiors but such powerful demons have not been seen since the time of the Demon Lords.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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