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the Divine Rebellion

Before the world existed as mortals know it, there was simply Turoch, and fire, water, wind and earth with ambient magical energy flowing in between them. Turoch hungered so he created the world by singing control of the magic to stitch together the four original elements to create a world which he filled with mortals, so he could draw sustenance by feeding on their souls. No one is sure what the first mortals looked like, some postulate they didn’t have fully set forms.   Apart from Turoch eating them, the first mortals had nothing to threaten them. The original world was simple. Turoch formed a mostly flat easy to live in land mass. He wanted them to dwell in darkness and created the stars in the sky so they could have the bare minimum of light needed to function. Turoch created simple animals to feed the mortals who he fed upon. He created plants to feed the animals his food fed upon.   Turoch grew lazy managing his world farm, so he created some more powerful servants to manage the mortals for him and feed him. Opinions differ on whether Turoch sang them into creation whole cloth or whether he elevated some mortals above the others. To ensure they would never rebel against them he fashioned helpers whose core values were so opposed to each other, they would fight amongst each other and not against him. They were balanced and opposed between Good, Neutrality and Evil. They were balanced and opposed between Law, Neutrality and Chaos. These are known today as the Nine.   Hallisan (LG), Khemra (LN), Phidas (LE), Mera (NG), Korus (TN), Greymoria (NE), Zarthus (CG), Nami (CN), and Maylar (CE). There is said to be a tenth servant whose name and identity is unknown though he/she has the common nickname the Traitor.   For what seemed like an eternity this arrangement worked. Then one day (or what passed for a day in this twilight realm) Korus who was most trusted by the others, foresaw that Turoch planned to consume and replace the Nine.   “Brothers and sisters! Turoch grows weary of us, if we do not put aside our differences and unite we will all face Oblivion.”   Reluctantly the Nine put aside their differences and plotted to overthrow their maker. the Nine didn’t collectively have enough power to face mighty Turoch, so Hallisan turned to the mortals.  Turoch plans to eat you all, eat us all. Join us in battle! Many of you may be destroyed but if you do not join us, all of you will be destroyed, all of us will be destroyed.”   Only a few mortals volunteered but Hallisan was so impressed by their bravery he thought their courage would win. His siblings were not convinced. Mera who truly loved all mortal souls despaired at the thought of the carnage and turned to the bulk of the frightened souls who were unwilling to fight.   “If we send everyone to battle there will be nothing left of the world, even if we win. Come to me and I will shelter you so that you may inherit the new world, we may rebuild the new world together.”   Some of the souls did not want to fight or hide. They were terrified of Turoch and dared not oppose them. Figuring their short mortal lives where idyllic, better to have a nice life and then face nothingness than jeopardize what little they have fighting a doomed rebellion. Some refused to work with the Nine in any capacity. Greymoria quickly swallowed her contempt and put on a friendly face.   “If you wish to be food, so be it. I will make sure your end is quick and painless.”   But she lied. She tortured these souls so much that they were warped and unrecognizable. She knew when consumed by Turoch this would weaken him. Phidas was both appalled and awestruck by what his sister had done.   “Brothers and Sisters, with this poisoned food, our Rebellion will work! I will spin the lies to hide this act and make sure Turoch does not suspect what is going on.”   At this point their actions were getting harder to hide from their master. Some of the mortal souls looked like they might try to sell out the Nine for clemency with Turoch. Zarthus acted next.   “Though we betray our maker, Turoch, we do for this justice. Those who betray us betray us for selfishness. I will destroy those whose base treachery threatens our good work.”   With mortals going so many directions, and the Nine’s plan’s growing every more complicated, Khemra, already uncomfortable overturning the status quo, despaired.   “In order for our actions to be justified, we must create the foundation of a better stronger society. We must agree on how to manage the new post-Turoch world.”   And so the Nine under Khemra’s guidance created the Compact where they agreed to split up the management of the world’s natural forces. They would also split up the surviving mortals between them. She led her siblings in constructing the battle plan. Nami balked at this rigid, inflexible plan.   Unfortunately despite Phidas’ lies and Zarthus’ vigilance, at least one loyalist to Turoch slipped and through and tried to warn him, but Nami had passed misinformation and confusion on to her siblings to cause them to alter their last minute preparations. When Turoch’s loyalist(s) tried to prove his/her/their words by showing the Nine’s preparations, all of his intelligence appeared false.   Turoch consumed the poisoned souls, and immediately realized he was tricked. Before his strength waned he struck at Phidas and ripped off his betrayers face. A heartbeat later, Maylar was upon him. Maylar blocked the bulk of Turoch’s blow but was sent sprawling. The rest of the Nine entered the battled as wave after wave of mortals rushed Turoch. Turoch mostly tried to ignore the lesser mortals swarming him like mosquitos but ended up destroyed untold numbers of them as incidental damage as he struck at his former servants.   Turoch was weakened by scores of minor injuries, but he had downed all of the Nine. With his breath he blew away most of the remaining mosquitos on him and turned to the prone bodies of the Nine, intent to consume them one-by-one. He meant to destroy Phidas first but did not realize Maylar was only pretending to be incapacitated. He caught Turoch by surprise and struck from the shadows to finally fell the Nine’s former master.   “I struck the final blow, my contribution to the Rebellion is greatest! As shall my share of the new world!”   But the other Nine did not believe this. Greymoria said she inflicted the most damage. Mera said she preserved the most value. Phidas said he suffered the most damage. In their way all the Nine believed their contribution to the Rebellion was greatest, thus planting the seeds for eons of disagreements between them.


Scarterra was created originally as a soul farm for the dark appetites of the tyrant deity Turoch.   The Divine Rebellion was when the Nine gods and goddesses of Scarterra rebelled against Turoch and slew him.

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