Greymoria stats in brief

Greymoria “Mother of Magic,” “Great Mutilator” “Mother of All Monsters” Alignment: Neutral Evil   Priests’ Nickname: Children of the Dark Mother, Short Form, Children   Favored Weapon: Scythe   Most Common Symbol: Varies more often than any other holy symbol. Default to a skull.   Favored Magic: Augmentation, Hexing, Necromancy   Divine Trophy : Greymoria fashioned Turoch’s skull into a helmet which has powers of invisibility and darkness much like Hade’s helmet is said to have in Ancient Greek myths.   Primary Dominion: Arcane Magic   Primary Gift to Mortals: Wizardry   Synopsis: Greymoria is the goddess of arcane magic. She poisoned Turoch by feeding him poisoned souls, souls she personally horrifically mutilated. This has traditionally terrified the mortals of Scarterra who turned away from worshiping her despite how her horrific actions were conducted for the greater good. She routinely punishes mortals who she feels do not love her enough (the vast majority of mortals). Manyof the races with relatively small populations were created by Greymoria, both so she could have worshipers who adore her properly and so she could have cats paws to punish the other mortals who forsake her. Many eventually forsake Greymoria, and they too then deserve punishment in their Mother's eyes.   Priests and Primary Followers: Greymoria priests rarely broadcast their priestly duties in most areas. Priests have the ability to induct apprentices largely as they fit. They work to encourage worship of Greymoria, punish those who fail to do so, and encourage the proliferation of arcane magic. Most people worship her the bare minimum, acknowledging her at the New Years festival and simply trying to avoid attracting her wrath the rest of the year. The dark elves, some arcane users, and a few monstrous races are among the few her worship her primarily.   Common Times to Invoke her Name: Greymoria's name is often invoked when cursing someone. Greymoria is often a counter to superstitions. If a mortal does something said to cause bad luck, it’s said that espouses love of Greymoria can counteract this.   Basic Tenets: -Love Greymoria above all others for without her nothing would exist.   -Punish those who do not love Greymoria.   -Encourage the spread of arcane arts for this will glorify Greymoria.     Greymoria’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Magic, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, monsters, necromancy, poison, torture, drowning, darkness, stealth, secrets, spite, jealousy, spiders and spiderlike monsters, fear

Cover image: Basic Greymoria Symbol 1 by Me using a combination of Nightcafe and MS Paint


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