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Hallisan Mangcha

Hallisan is the embodiment of the righteous warrior cultivating strength and using it to defend the weak and spread justice.

Divine Domains

Hallisan’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Stone, minerals, metalwork, mining, chivalry codes, bravery, just war, oaths of service, strength, protection, life stones, dwarves,   The favored spheres of Hallisan's favored souls and theurgists are Augmentation, Crafts and Protection.

Tenets of Faith

-Promote hard work for this is the key for all to better themselves.   -Stand resolute against all who would threaten good people.   -Pursue excellence in all you do, if you diminish your crafts you diminish yourself.   -Promote justice and fairness for a just society forms the basis, both for vigilance against evil and prodigious industry.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Hallisans symbol of power and Divine Trophy is a battle axe forged from one of Turoch's legs.


Contacts & Relations

Hallisan’s chivalry drives him to protect Mera whom he loves. Mera often balks at Hallisan’s violence and his patronizing nature, but this doesn’t stop Hallisan from trying. When the Guardians and Tenders work together they are a very potent team. Powerful warriors are even more effective when they have skilled healers to keep them fighting longer.   Hallisan may not like Khemra as much as he likes Mera, but the two work together well. When Hallisan and Khemra are working together, government itself generally becomes more efficient and a true force for the common good.   Hallisan appreciates the services Korus provides sustaining nature, but Hallisan tends to take Korus for granted. This attitude carries over to Hallisan’s followers.   Zarthus is a frenemy that Hallisan grudgingly respects. They share the same general goals but disagree on tactics almost all the time. This attitude certainly carries over to Hallisan’s followers.   Hallisan and Phidas are frequent competitors, but Hallisan has no real respect for Phidas. They compete for Khemra's affections and this symbolically mirrors them fighting for the soul of civilization itself. Hallisan views Phidas as a spineless coward, and he is furious that Phidas and his followers tend to outmaneuver Hallisan and Hallisan’s followers with their superior grasp of realpolitik.   Hallisan finds Nami to be incredibly annoying but does not see her as a threat. Originally Hallisan was going to regulate the seasons as his Dominion and Phidas was going to be in charge of where and how mineral deposits form. When Phidas  had to abandon his original dominion to shore up the Barrier against the Void, Hallisan took over Phidas' dominion and Hallisan’s Dominion got folded into Nami's Dominion of weather. In a way, Hallisan views every bout of unseasonable weather as a personal insult.   Greymoria is viewed as a true threat and Hallisan opposes her whenever he can but she is more subtle than he is and he often doesn’t know how best to oppose her. Due to their association with Greymoria, Hallisan’s followers are largely distrustful of arcane magic and monsters in general, even mages and magical monsters who are relatively benign.   Hallisan has no hard evidence backing up his assertions but he believes Maylar is trying to becomes Turoch's successor, planning  to enslave all of Scarterra into his personal soul farm. Even if Maylar isn’t trying to actively usurp the entire universe, he is still both a figurative and literal plague on all good people. Also, there is an element of pride in their rivalry. Hallisan embodies the principles of High War and Maylar embodies Low War.  Hallisan wants to defeat Maylar once and for all to prove he is right.


  In Scaraqua, Hallisan is commonly referred to as Mangcha .   Mangcha is a relative bit player under the sea. He is still a patron of useful of crafts, but Mangcha has much of a less martial edge than Hallisan. Mangcha worship is very common among the Astakalians, but he is barely more than a footnote to most other Scaraquans.
Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Current Location
Aligned Organization


  I haven’t worked out the details yet, but Hallisan is going to be a major player underground. He is probably still going to operate primarily through his chosen people the dwarves. Tiamalan kobolds tend to worship Hallisan often. Maybe an oddball goblin tribe or two worships Hallisan.   Given that Hallisan is going to loom large underground, I should probably widen his tent there.

Articles under Hallisan

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