(Wits + Theology)   ● Enemies have to get a single success on a Willpower roll (or Stamina if they lack Willpower) in order to attack caster. Willpower difficulty is 3+ number of successes rolled. This effect is broken if the caster makes an attack or single scene has elapsed.   ●● One target gains two soak dice versus energy attacks per success for a scene. This stacks with mundane armor if applicable, but it does not stack with other magical forms of protection. Range is touch.  Range is line of sight if caster takes a +1 penalty.    ●●● One target per success is protected. Difficulty to hit them with ranged and melee attacks goes up by +1. Difficulty to target them with hostile spells goes up by +1.  Range is line of sight.   ●●●● Gain a temporary soak pool against damage for a scene equal to successes. Stacks with armor. One target per spell.  Range is touch. Range is line of sight if caster takes a +1 penalty.   ●●●●● Diffuse hostile magic with an opposed roll. This can be used reflexively as with a dodge or parry roll as a B action. It can be used an A-Action at -1 difficulty.   Character can also try to dispel a specific ongoing spell (or all ongoing spells in an area) as an A-action rather than a blanket dispel undoing successes on a one-for-one basis.  Range is line of sight.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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