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Tiamalan kobolds

According to the Tiamlan’s stories, the dragon queen Tiamat and her followers somehow betrayed the whole dragon race and the Nine. As punishment for their sins, these dragons were turned into the first kobolds . The most common story is Tiamat tried to resurrect The Traitor. kobolds can reclaim their ancient heritage through atonement.   According to their believes, kobolds who live well are reincarnated into kobolds with luckier circumstances. Kobold sorcerers or favored souls are considered the epitome of a positive reincarnation. Kobold sorcerers and favored souls who live well are reincarnated as dragons though the standards are very high indeed and more end up losing their powers in their next incarnation than becoming dragons.   The Tiamalans also believe that any change in their incarnation effects their family members to a degree and to even the whole kobold race to a further extant. Personal responsibility is important but a kobold who lives well is a credit to both her family and her people. Tiamalans believe that in order to redeem themselves and the kobold race, they have to win the favor of each of the Nine.   As the highest possible living incarnations in kobold society, much deference is given to sorcerers and favored souls. Tiamalan tribes follow the leadership of favored souls above all else for spiritual guidance. They tend to rely on sorcerers for physical concerns. Sorcerers usually lead their war parties, defense forces, and resolve disputes. Sorcerers and favored souls do not usually rule absolutely. Elders are held in high esteem and handle most day-to-day decisions. It’s a rare sorcerer or favored who doesn’t take the advice of his tribe’s elders seriously.   Tiamalan tribes strive try to serve whichever of the Nine has sent them a favored soul most recently. If a tribe goes more than two generations without a favored soul they declare Phidas as their patron (since Phidas has no favored souls).   Sometimes a larger clan has two favored souls at one time. When this happens the tribe takes it as a sign from the gods that the time has come to split into two clans. The one value they hold universally regardless of who they are following is a strong sense of loyalty. To their families, tribes, and race as a whole.   Tiamalan Kobolds tend to migrate a lot, even compared to other kobolds. They will put down roots temporally if a favored soul believes doing so well help their current divine patron. For instance a clan following a favored soul of Hallisan might hire themselves out to humans as miners.   Tiamalans get along well within other Tiamalan tribes when they meet even if their divine patrons are at odds with each other. Tiamalans try to stay out of the way of other races though occasionally they will try to integrate with them or oppose them if a favored soul believes that will help serve the cause of one of the Nine. They generally believe that spreading the will of the Nine to the other races (especially humans, who are theoretically the chosen champions of the Nine in the modern age) will help them relieve their collective karmic debt faster.   Because dragons represent the highest level one can reincarnate to on the material plane, most Tiamalans will listen to whatever a dragon says. There are enough campfire stories of dragons taking advantage of kobolds, that Tiamlans won’t serve dragons unquestionably, but a subtle Dragon can push a Tiamalan kobold tribe pretty far to advance his/her goals.   Tiamalans believe the Gilgrens narrow following of Greymoria’s anti-social tendencies just digs them deeper into a karmic hole. This weakens the Tiamalans efforts to spiritually better the Kobold race as a whole. They may pity the Gilgrens, but this doesn’t cause them to lower their guard against them. If they aren’t following Greymoria, Korus, or Phidas at the moment, Tiamalan tribes tend to give Gilgren tribes a wide birth and sleep with one eye open when their violent kin are near.   Tiamalan kobolds view Laershin kobolds as slightly misguided cousins, but cousins none the less. Laershin kobolds worship Phidas or Mera, and Tiamalans follow Phidas and Mera fairly often. They believe when Phidas is ready to redeem the Kobold race that the Laershins and Tiamalans will unite. They try to outreach to Laershin when they meet. Laershin are generally not very welcoming but the Tiamalans don’t give up. They believe their spiritual quest won’t be complete until all kobolds redeem themselves. If they can bring the Laershin into the fold, they feel that they will be in a better position to rehabilitate the @Gilgren.
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