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Hallisan Stats in Brief

Hallisan “The Just Crusader” “Great Craftsman” “‘Brave’ Sacrificer”   Alignment: Lawful Good   Priests’ Nickname: Guardians of Valor. Short form, Guardians .   Favored Weapon: Battle Axe   Most Common Symbol: Crisscrossed Axe and Shovel representing hard labor and the need to be vigilant at guarding the fruits of your hard labor.   Favored Magic: Augmentation, Crafts, Protection   Divine Trophies: Hallisan forged one of Turoch's legs into a battle axe   Primary Dominion: Regulation of Where do mineral entering the earth from the Elemental Plane.   Primary Gift to mortals: Mining and metalwork.   Synopsis: Hallisan promotes the value of hard work as the cornerstone of a good society. One must work hard and strive for excellence in all they do. He is the patron of metalworking and other skilled crafts. He also emphasizes the importance of vigilance in martial readiness to protect one’s home, family, and the fruits of one’s labor. He teaches that a fair just society is the best way to promote both honest hard work and martial readiness. He is said to be the primary shaper of new materials that enter Scarterra's crust from the Core of Creation more commonly known as the Elemental Plane. Some say without his efforts Scarterra itself would all splinter apart.   Priests and Primary Followers: Hallisan's priests are recruited primarily from the non-inheriting children of nobility unless the local nobility is very tight with another priesthood in which case they tend to recruit their priests primarily from the children of professional soldiers. Feudal lords and professional soldiers alike want to appear to be brave and chivalrous even when they are not, so Hallisan is the primary religions of both these groups. Hallisan is the most common primary deity officially endorsed by human and demi-human nations. Hallisan is credited with spearheading the creation of dwarves many of whom worship him primarily as a result.   Common Times to Invoke his Name: Hallisan is often prayed to before beginning a difficult work project or after its completion. Hallisan is often prayed to before entering battle and thanked afterwards for victory.   Basic Tenets: -Promote hard work for this is the key for all to better themselves.   -Stand resolute against all who would threaten good people.   -Pursue excellence in all you do, if you diminish your crafts you diminish yourself.   -Promote justice and fairness for a just society forms the basis, both for vigilance against evil and prodigious industry.     Hallisan’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Stone, minerals, metalwork, mining, chivalry codes, bravery, just war, oaths of service, strength, protection, life stones, dwarves,
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