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Most of the conditions of the Compact were disregarded by most of the Nine, but all of nine still hold to the division of the Dominions more or less.   In the parlance of Scarterra, a Dominion refers to a major aspect of nature that is under the more or less exclusive management of one of the Nine.     Korus was trusted the most by his siblings. He received Dominion over the interplay of plants and animals. This is considered the most powerful of all of the Dominions. All of the Nine wanted it, but only Korus could take the job without offending anyone.     Mera was given Dominion over the sea and drinking water. Greymoria has tried to subvert her sister's dominion by becoming the goddess of poison and drowning.     Phidas' dominion is the maintenance of The Barrier. When the Compact was originally drafted, the Nine had no idea this would be needed. Thus someone had to take on this new Dominion. Since with his last words, Turoch vowed to come back and promised to kill Phidas first, Phidas was eager to volunteer to safeguard against Turoch's return and even his enemies trust him to do this.   Hallisan was given over the regulation of minerals entering the earth from the The Elemental Plane. This was originally slated to be Phidas. He was more than a little bitter about losing this Dominion and he routinely attempts to subvert Hallisan's monopoly on this task.     Zarthus insisted he have the moon as his Dominion. Some of his siblings considered this a weak and unimportant Dominion, but Zarthus intended for the moon to undermine the Compact in his favor. As a compromise between the good and evil deities, days were to be split between equal periods of light and darkness. Zarthus found this unaccepted and wanted to create a light in the darkness, both figuratively and literally. See The SCIENCE! of the Moon for more details on the moon's mystic powers.     Maylar claimed Dominion over disease and decay, a job none of the others wanted but suited Maylar's temperament well.     Nami has Dominion over weather. Originally weather and the seasons were going to be separate Dominions but the seasons had to be folded into weather. Hallisan  was originally slated to have dominion over the seasons and to some extant he views every bout of unseasonable weather Nami makes as a minor personal insult against him.     Greymoria has Dominion over arcane magic. The Nine  have less control over arcane magic than they would like admit. It's a lot of work to regulate magic, so this was not a coveted Dominion, but Greymoria saw the potential for power in this.     Khemra has Dominion over the sun. According to some theologians, Khemra is the sun. Khemra is also often viewed as the official goddess of fire but a lot of the other deities intentionally or unintentionally poach this. Nami is the goddess of arson. Mera is the goddess of the hearth fire. Hallisan is the god of the forge's fire.
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