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Zarthus Dalgari

As the moon has many faces, so too does Zarthus have many faces.  He is a patron of small communities and self reliance.  He is a patron of outcasts, bastards and half-breeds.  He is a patron of music and art.  He is a detective seeking out hidden dangers and hidden evils. He is a staunch foe of oppression.

Divine Domains

Zarthus Portfolio includes but is not limited to: The moon, the tides, light, exposing the corrupt, finding the hidden, music, art, self-reliance, community, bastards, half-breeds, orphans, freedom, vengeance, trickery to reach objectives,   His Dominion is the moon    His Gift to mortals is art and music.   The favored domains of his theurgists and favored souls  are Augmentation, Crafts, and Hexing.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Iconography usually involves lanterns or the moon or both.

Tenets of Faith

-Provide for yourself and your family, help others do likewise.   -Those who restrict another’s ability to provide for themselves or enjoy themselves must be punished.   -Seek beauty wherever it may be found so you can enjoy it and share it with others. Art and music is the greatest expression of beauty.   -Seek corruption wherever it is hiding it, so it may be removed before it festers.


Contacts & Relations

Zarthus loves Mera , perhaps obsessively. The Lanterns and the Tenders usually get along. They both want the same goals, helping the lowly, they just disagree on tactics.   If Mera is the wife that Zarthus cannot nail down then Nami is the mistress he cannot quit. Zarthus and Nami share a love of freedom. If only Nami had more empathy for the unfortunate. They normally get along, but the Lanterns and Rovers have been at cross purposes more often than either side would like to admit.   Zarthus and Korus usually get along. The Lanterns are usually pretty eco-friendly and the Stewards are usually pretty freedom-friendly. Their paths just don’t intersect much outside of barbarian tribes or the wood elves , groups which value both Korus Spiritually Affiliated Creatures and Zarthus highly.   Hallisan and Zarthus are feuding for the romantic attentions of Mera. In a way they are feuding over goodness itself. Hallisan and Zarthus are definitely divided by their similarities. Both value community, hard work, craftsmanship, and bravery but they disagree on all the details. In the mortal plane, their respective followers are usually good natured rivals. They might trade insults a lot, but they rarely fight. They enjoy saving pulling the other group’s butt out of the fire, so they can gloat about it later.   Maylar is there to remind Zarthus that freedom needs to be coupled with responsibility or it become destructive. Maylar and Zarthus are at odds a lot and their followers fight all the time, but it is rarely personal. They just happen to have goals at cross purposes right now, and they probably will be at cross purposes again. Zarthus believes Maylar is so short-sighted that while he will always present a localized threat in a small area, but none of his machinations will bring down Scarterra as a whole.   The Compact primarily drafted by Khemra established day and night as a compromise between good and evil. Zarthus hates compromising with evil. He created the moon to deliberately undermine Khemra's interpretation of the Compact. This pretty much sets the precedent for all of Zarthus’ interactions with Khemra to follow. What is frustrating to both Zarthus and Khemra is they know the other has good intentions. They both also know they are right and the other is wrong, so they are very bad at compromising.   Zarthus does not get along well with Greymoria mostly because Zarthus loves Mera and Greymoria hates Mera . Besides intervening when the Children start wrecking stuff, Lantern affiliated mages have also started worming their way into the magical economy, trading in regents, spell books, and magical items. Zarthus preachers tend to say that arcane magic is only as good or evil as the person wielding it.   Phidas creates systems of oppression and hides behind a thin veneer of respectability. This galls Zarthus on every possible level. Zarthus and Phidas arguably have the strongest most unyielding rivalry of any of the Nine.


  Scarquans commonly refer to Zarthus as Dalgari, one of the Sons of the Sky.   Dalgari is the middle of the divine pack status wise. He is the god of tides and that is important and all, but the tides are something most Scaraquans tend to take for granted. Merfolk love art and beautiful things. A lot of them honor Dalgari as a god of art, but many other Scaraquans do not have much of an eye for aesthetics and find the Merfolk’s obsessions with beauty trivial.   Astakalians, Ojiongo and Karakhai generally view worshipping Dalgari as being a waste of time.   One major difference between Zarthus and Dalgari is that Dalgari is a lot less of a rabble rouser. The tides are fairly predictable after all. Also, most of the biggest patrons of art under the sea are wealthy Merfolk nobles. Dalgari is still a foe of evil, but his Scaraquan followers are more likely to work within the system than outside it.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Current Location


I haven’t worked out the details yet, but Zarthus is probably going to be somewhat of an underdog underground. But Zarthus is not going to roll over like a dog. He’s going to a different better dog.   Zarthus is going to stand up for his principles as much as he can underground and he is going to work very hard to be a thorn in the side of Phidas and every other subterranean tyrant.

Articles under Zarthus

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