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Ojiongo are cephalopod humanoids and one of the most populous mortal races in Scaraqua.   Ojiongo have a humanoid torso for their upper body and a mass of tentacles for their lower half.   Ojiongo have great dexterity and ability to multitask with their tentacles able to operate independently of each other for simple tasks.  Ojiongo have a limited ability to shoot ink at foes.   The Ojiongo's greatest feature however, is their prodigious intellect. The Ojiongo on average are far more intelligent than Merfolk, Karakhai, Astalakians, or humans. Just like every other mortal race, the Ojiongo have morons and geniuses among them, but their morons are smarter than the morons of other races and their geniuses are smarter than the geniuses of other races.   Ojiongo are also master manipulators with the major caveat that most other Scaraquans know of their reputation for deception.  There is a common joke "How good of a liar can they be if they are famous liars."   While the majority of Ojiongo do not have magical ability, the Ojiongo do have a larger proportion of mages among their population.   They have roughly the same speed and strength of Merfolk.  The Ojiongo are a little bit less less resilient at taking damage compared to Merfolk.       With all their innate advantages, it seems like the Ojiongo should be running things in Scaraqua and the Ojiongo generally agree with this.  The problem is the Ojiongo don't agree on which squid should be on top of the heap.  They are literally their own worst enemies.   There are so many would-be Ojiongo masterminds that spend so much time undercutting each other that they don't have the time to dominate the rest of Scaraqua.   More often that not, the leaders of various nations, priesthoods and organizations are headed by Merfolk and said Merfolk has a Ojiongo figuratively hanging back in the shadows whispering advice.
55 years
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