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Originally the Nine were going to split the worship of all mortals evenly nine ways until Nami bestowed mortals with the first Gift: free will.   Once imbued with free will, mortals could worship or not worship as they pleased. The rest of the Nine quickly bestowed their own Gifts on mortal kind to both win their favor and shape the burgeoning societies of the First Age     Khemra gave mortals the second Gift, writing. She wanted mortals to maintain their history and traditions and to be able to regulate free will through codified laws.     Maylar taught mortals the Gift of animal husbandry and refined hunting techniques. He hoped mortals would internalize the fact that they gain power by killing and dominating lesser creatures.     Korus taught mortals the Gift of agriculture with the goal of convincing them to work with nature instead of against it.     Mera gave the Gift of control over fire. Mera intended for fires to be a center for the hearth and a basis for family and community. Khemra was somewhat offended by this as Mera was already the goddess of water. Even a partial stake over the control of fire seemed liked a usurpation of Khemra's Dominion over the sun which is Scarterra's primal fire.     Hallisan built on Mera's Gift by giving mortals the Gift of metalworking and handicrafts. His goal was to encourage hard work and physically building communities up.     Zarthus gave mortals the Gift of art and music. He intended that mortals be able to find joy and not be lost in work and toil.     Phidas gave mortals the Gift of barter and currency. It was his goal to use monetary value to gain a measure of control over all the other Gifts.     Greymoria believed she deserved worship without bribing mortals with a Gift, so she withheld a Gift for the entirety of the the First Age . This backfired and she had the fewest worshipers of all, not helped by her dark reputation for her actions during the the Divine Rebellion.   Early in the Second Age Greymoria taught the elves wizardry which in theory would let anyone be able to wield arcane magic. She hoped this would be used as a weapon against the surviving dragons and would also undermine the growing power of her siblings theurgists as Greymoria was jealous that her siblings had far more theurgists than she.
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