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(Manipulation + Crafts)   All effects have a range of touch.   ● Mundane tools give -1 difficulty break when used. Mundane weapons do an extra die of damage. Armor has an extra die of soak. Three successes doubles this bonus, five or more triples the bonus. Bonus last for one scene.   ●● Create potions, ammunition, candles, scrolls and other magical items with a single or limited duration use. The caster requires other magic to make these items unless he wants to make potions and oils that have Divine Crafts powers.   ●●● Mundane items, weapons, and armor gain potent magical abilities for one scene.   ●●●● Create permanent or at least multi-use magical items powered by divine magic.   ●●●●● Create golems and other Construct creatures powered by divine magic
Suggested Magical Effects for ●●● effects     -Weapon is wreathed in fire or something similar* like electricity or frost. Weapon does normal damage when strike but contact also inflicts one die of fire* damage as a separate damage pool.   -Damage difficulty for a weapon is reduced by one per two successes rounded up, difficulty minimum 3.   -Weapon attack roll difficulty for a weapon is reduced by one per two successes rounded up, difficulty minimum 3.   -Item is extremely durable. A tool or weapon gets automatic soak successes equal to successes rolled.   -Worn clothes or armor provides additional soak dice even if the garment doesn’t normally soak damage, one per two successes rounded up.   -Armor can be enchanted with a special trait such as energy resistance. One success can allow resistance against fire   -Item glows the dark. One success would be faint like starlight or moonlight, five successes would be blindingly bright.   -One success lets a non-throwing weapon be thrown easily. Three successes lets a throwing weapon return to the thrower. Four successes lets a bow magically arrows from a quiver every round letting the wielder fire every round without reloading.   -Fuel can be used more efficiently. Successes have to be split between time and efficiency. One success is one hour or a factor of one. So for two successes you could make a lamp burn fuel half for one hour.

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