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Sons of the Sky

Scaraquans believe that the Sky, like Sea is a very powerful cosmic force but is not a sentient being in the sense that mortals understand it and the Sky will not or cannot answer prayers.   As far as Scaraquans know, Fire comes from the sky and is visible in the form of the sun, moon, and stars.   Sky is viewed as a masculine force much as Sea is viewed as a feminine force.  Mortal life is only possible when Sea and Sky join.   Heekma and Dalgari are the male deities referred to as the Sons of the Sky.  The agreement they made with the Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the Sea.  The Sons of the sky give Fire (in the form of heat and light) to the Seeyirah who provide The Sons of the Sky with Water (in the form of moisture, clouds, and rain), allowing life to exist as we know it        In the religious lives of most Scaraquans, the Sons of the Sky are important.  Not nearly as important as the Seeyirah, but too important to ignore.  Heekma regulates the seas receiving life giving heat and Dalgari manages the tides.   Most Scaraquans worship these two gods on their holy festivals and don't pay them much time the rest of the year.
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