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Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the Sea

Scaraquans view Sea¬†(with a capital "S") as a cosmic force of great power. Sea is mighty but Sea does not have a mind or sentience in the way Saraquans relate to such things, so (almost) no one ¬†prays to Sea.   Some time ago, before life as we know it existed, the Sea gave birth to the Seeyirah, which loosely translates to "Sisters of the Sea" or "Daughters of the Sea".   The three Seeyirah are Taedi, Mubete, and Enosha.     Most cosmic events are the result of the three Seeyirah arguing with other, making alliances, breaking alliances, scheming and counter scheming.   The Seeyirah are the primary deities of Scaraquans. They are not quite the goddesses of everything, but they are the goddesses of everything that truly matters. The other deities are often viewed as sidekicks, lesser cousins, rivals, or hangers on to the Seeyirah.   Almost all Scaraquans acknowledge the Seeyirah in their spiritual lives. A majority of Scaraquans worship the Seeyirah primarily. Some view one of the Seeyirah as their primary or exclusive patroness while others prefer to worship them equally and/or collectively.
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