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Enosha is the Scaraquan face of the goddess Mera.   Both Enosha and Mera are considered goddesses and are usually referred to with feminine pronouns both above and below the surface of the sea.   Enosha is one of the three Seeyirah, the sisters/daughters of the Sea.   Enosha is the gentlest and kindest of the Seeyirah, but perhaps the most naïve as well.     Enosha is usually a voice for peace and civility. Among other ways she strives for peace, she would like Scaraquans and Scarterrans to not just be peaceful neighbors, but to be friends. This one of her biggest points of contention with her two sisters.     Scaraquans do not agree on the birth order of the Seeyirah. Depending on whom you ask:   -Enosha is the archetypal eldest child, trying to set an example for proper behavior to her younger sisters.   -Enosha is the archetypal middle child child, acting as peace maker between the conflicts that erupt.   -Enosha is the archetypal youngest child, soft and naïve with a Pollyanna view of things


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