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Oshamni Empire

The Oshamni Empire is largest and post powerful political form in all of Scaraqua, loosely inspired by real world Ancient Rome.

Public Agenda

To unite all of the seas under the banner of the purple and gold stingray.


Oshamnus began as a humble city state of Merfolk.  Over several tumultous centuries it gradually expanded to conquer and annex other fledgling Merfolk nations near it.   It was only after Oshamnus conquered several Astakalians and incorporated the Scuttlers as full citizens that the Oshamnus had the tools necessary to build a true empire.   Merfolk ferocity, cunning, and ingenuity equipped with Astakalian weapons, fortifications, and an organized beuaracracy proved a very formidable combination.  After centuries of conquest, the Oshamni Empire is now the single largest political entity in Scaraqua encompassing over a quarter of the total undersea population of sapients and including citizens and subjects of every Scaraquan race.
Geopolitical, Empire
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Mixed economy
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