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Seals of Enosha

The Seals of Enosha a splinter group from the Order of the Hippocampus that believes very strongly that Scaraquans and Scarterrans should be friends.   The Seals of Enosha try to make peaceful contact with Scaraquans and also help Scarterrans in need occasionally rescuing lost sailors and the like.   Much of their good intentions are purely theoretically.  Relatively few of them have the magic necessary for long term survivability outside of the water.  Even fewer of them can speak any Scarterran languages or access magic to overcome language barriers.     They in turn have to deal with rival groups who think Scaraquans should avoid Scarterrans or those who think Scaraquans should murder and exploit Scarterrans, the latter of whom do not need to worry about surviving on land or communication barriers if they just want to sink ships.

Demography and Population

Anyone who worships Enosha and desires peaceful relations with Scarterrans are welcome but the overwhelming majority of the Seals are Merfolk.


The Seals of Enosha knows no national border and can be found on nearly every Scaraquan nation but their numbers are widely dispersed. There are not many places where they have enough numbers to have any real influence.

Mythology & Lore

Much as Enosha wants to bring the people of land and Sea together, so do the Seals of Enosha.

Divine Origins

The Seals originated as a splinter group from the Order of the Hippocampus, but they have long since spread beyond the territory and influene of the Oshanmni Empire's borders.

Political Influence & Intrigue

For the most part the sect is a bunch of wide eyed idealists who have big dreams but lack the means to carry their dreams out.  The Seals are not very numerous and thus not very influential in most places but the few times they are all able to establish regular peaceful contact with Scarterrans the
Religious, Sect
Predecessor Organization


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