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Order of the Hippocampus

The Order of the Hippocampus is the main public face of Enosha's priesthood within the Oshamni Empire.   They encourage strong families and communities under the auspices of the purple and gold imperial stingray.   The Order maintains large well-stocked temples near undersea trade routes, but they strive to be mostly mobile.  They swim around the territory of the Oshamni Empire and beyond sharing their healing prowess and spiritual wisdom with those who need it.   By territory they mostly help citizens of the Empire, but they will help anyone in need that they come across unless they are overtly hostile to Enosha or the Oshamni Empire.

Demography and Population

Originally this was Order was entirely made up of Merfolk, but they have long since opened up their membership roster to all Enosha worshipers regardless of race or ethnicity.   All are welcome to worship or apply to serve as priests but the sizeable majority of the priests and priestesses are still Merfolk.  A small but noticeable majority of the Order is female.

Foreign Relations

Politically, the Order of the Hippocampus is subordinate to the Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah which is subordinate to the Oshamni Empire.  The Order of the Hippocampus cannot formally initiate diplomacy with other national powers.   In practice, the Order of the Hippocampus does act politically outside of formal channels but they use other sects of Enosha worshipers as intermediaries.

Divine Origins

The Order of the Hippocampus was an religious organization that predates the Oshamni Empire, the most predominant religious organization in the Sea of Enosha. The Oshamni assimilated the Order of the Hippocampus into their nation when they were still a republic.   Over the centuries, the Order of the Hippocampus has gradually become more state-centric and they have become slightly more militant.
Religious, Sect
Official State Religion

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