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Imperial pearls

The official currency of the Oshamni Empire are artificial pearls of standardized weights and shapes.   There are larger and smaller standard weights but the main currency most commonly circulated is the pauoluna (paulolunes plural).  It has roughly the equivalent purchasing power to five Scarterran silver pieces.

History & Usage


As the Oshamni Empire matured, they found a need for currency. Pearls have been a common trade good within and within the borders of the Oshamni Empire, but the pearls circulating came in many different colors and sizes.  This prompted the need to create standardized weights and sizes for pearls used in trade.

Everyday use

Artificial imperial pearls are created like tiny donuts, allowing them to be put on strings fairly easily.     Citizens of the Oshamni Empire often choose to wear their money on necklaces and bracelets and add or removes pearls from the jewelry they are wearing.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Establishing imperial pearls as the coin of the realm has bled into the rest of Scaraqua.  Imperial pearls are accepted currency in many undersea realms outside of the reach of Oshamnus.   The fact that many have taken to wearing their money has only increased the popularity of Scaraquans, especially Merfolk choosing to wear decorative non-currency pearls as a status symbol.


The Empire creates artificial pearls in vast oyster fields, harvesting them en masse harvested them at set times.


Trade & Market

Ritalunes:  Worth 5 copper pieces each   Paulolunes: Worth 5 silver pieces each   Margarlunes: Worth 50 silver pieces each

Law & Regulation

The oyster fields where pearls are grown are closely guarded.  The punishments for interfering with the fields or trying to pass counterfeits are usually very severe.

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