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Merfolk in Scaraqua are pretty physiologically similar to merfolk everywhere else.  They have fish tails from the waste down and humanoid bodies from the waste up.   Merfolk are the plurality race in the Oshamni Empire but merfolk dwell in many undersea nations as well more than a few nomadic tribes.   Merfolk often value the arts, especially music and sculpture.  Much like humanity, they are a diverse lot with many different personalities, drives, and talents.  Some are warriors, some are diplomats, some are craftsmen, some are artists.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most Merfolk speak Mermish as their mother tongue. A few Merfolk deeply entwined in their nations speak the national language as their mother tongue. In the Oshamni Empire, many Merfolk learn Sea Common  first or they never really learn Mermish at all.

Who came first?

  It has been noted both above and below the sea that humans and merfolk look suspiciously similar.   Most humans assume the first merfolk are evolved from them in some way.   Most merfolk assume the first humans are evolved from them in some way.     And there is no definitive evidence one way or the other.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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