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West Colassia

The three most populous and politically powerful are the human nations of Kantoc , Land of Swynfaredia, and Uskala   the land of Fumaya is a small human dominated nation sandwiched between larger nations that is the main setting for my RPG campaign.   A tiny portion of the Elven Empire's territory dots the southern coast of West Colassia.   The World Seam Mountains cut West Colassia approximately in half. The dwarf dominated lands of Meckelorn (north) and of Stahlheim (south) are centered in these mountain with the fractious Border Baronies region acting as a buffer zone between them.   Between the Fumaya and Uskala lies the forested nation of Codenya, home of the wood elves   The northern lands of West Colassia are largely unsuitable for farming. The bulk of this area is covered by The Great Colassian Tundra with the Great Fjord of West Colassia serving as the western end cap of the Tundra. Most of the denizens here are nomadic barbarians, monsters, or barbarian monsters. orcs are especially common in the northern wilds.

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The flora and fauna in West Colassia loosely resembles real world medieval Europe


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