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Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah

The Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah is the official state religion of the Oshamni Empire.

Demography and Population

The Imperial Priesthood of the Oshmani is intended to be representational of the entire populace, so the priesthood's members tends to encompass a relatively proportional mix of all the races and ethnic groups within the Oshamni Empire.   Like the Oshamni Empire as a whole, it is stereotypical to see the priesthood lead by Merfolk  politicians, with Ojiongo advisors, and Astakalian seneschals.

Mythology & Lore

Most commonly known major theological stories involve all three of the Seeyirah interacting with each other.  Most Scaraquans, at least most Scaraquans in the Oshamni Empire venerate all the Seeyirah.

Divine Origins

The priesthoods of Enosha, Mubete, and Taedi formerly had fully independent priesthoods in every undersea nation, including the Oshamni Empire.   Some time ago, the Oshamni Empire was wracked by a three way theological war of intrigue and assassinations.  Eventually the Senate and the military intervened and essentially ordered the three priesthoods to play nice at the point of a spear.

Cosmological Views

The Sea is the source of all life including the Seeyirah.   Scaraquans are ultimately the children of the Seeyirah and thus are the grandchildren of Sea.   Thus both Sea and the Seeyirah deserve the respect of all Scraquans.


Worship tends to be highly formal and regimented on a tight schedule based on religious calendars.   Worship services are normally presided over by one priest or priestess at a time and this presiding priest is not normally part of any triumvirate (though he or she almost certainly answers to a triumvirate).

Political Influence & Intrigue

Ecclesiastical proclamations from every level of the Imperial priesthood come from the triumvirates.  A triumvirate represents a priest or priestess of Enosha, Mubete, and Taedi of equal rank.   Major decisions are voted on by the triumvirate with the Mubete member usually acting as the swing vote.  In public the triumvirate and their minions try to appear cordial and unified but there is a lot of bickering, scheming, and horse trading behind the scenes.


All three of the Seeyirah, Enosha, Mubete, and Taedi have priestly orders that are directly subordinate to the Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah.  Each goddess also has associated priestly orders that, on paper are completely independent from the Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah.   Religious factions within and without the Empire frequently talk to each other behind closed doors, so all the members of the Triumvirates have at least a few minions outside the Imperial hierarchy whom they can call on with plausible deniability of caught.    "Obviously this person erroneously believed she was pursuing the wishes of Insert goddess name here.  If only she had talked to me, I would have talked her out of that foolish action against the Empire."
Religious, Organised Religion
Legislative Body
The highest ranking members of the priesthoods of Enosha, Mubete, and Taedi collectively serve in the Imperial Triumvirate which is the ultimate political voice of the Imperial Priesthood of the Seeyirah in the Entire Oshamni Empire.   Below them are regional triumvirates which administer to the spiritual needs of a very large portion of the Oshamni Empire's territory.   Below them are local triumvirates which administer to the spiritual needs of a small region such as a town or a larger rural region.   The armed forces of the Empire also has it's own military triumvirate coordinating magical assistance to the army.
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations
Official Languages

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