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Taedi (pronounced (Tay-dee) is the Scaraquan face of the goddess Greymoria.   Both Greymoria and Taedi are considered goddesses and are usually referred to with feminine pronouns both above and below the surface of the sea.   Taedi is one of the three Seeyirah, three sisters/daughters of the Sea.   Of the three sisters, Taedi is the trouble maker of the bunch. She often pursues complicated schemes out of a narcissistic sense of pride or to avenge some perceived slight.   Taedi often endorses the view point that Scaraqua should dominate and subjugate Scarterra. The surface dwellers cannot survive without water, but the creatures of the sea can easily service without dirt. Ergo, the creatures of the sea are superior.     Scaraquans do not agree on the birth order of the Seeyirah.    Depending on whom you ask:   -Taedi is the archetypal eldest child, believing she is wisest and strongest and therefore justified in seeking her own goals regardless of whether or not her sisters want her to.   -Enosha is the archetypal middle child child, acting out for attention because she feel unloved or ignored.   -Enosha is the archetypal youngest child, a spoiled brat throwing tantrums just because she can.


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