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Mubete (pronounced moo-betty) is the Scaraquan face of the god Korus .   Scarterrans usually refer to Korus as a god with male pronouns and Scaraquans usually refer to Mubete as a goddess with female pronouns,   Mubete is one of the three Seeyirah , the sisters/daughters of the Sea.   Of the three sisters, Mubete is the most methodical and slow to act. Uusally reacting to events as opposed to causing them.   Mubete often endorses the view point that Scaraquans and Scarterrans should generally avoid each other, either citing the dangerous of conflict or saying that good fences make good neighbors.       Scaraquans do not agree on the birth order of the Seeyirah. Depending on who you ask:   -Mubete is the archetypal eldest child, she is the level headed sibling that never acts rashly.   -Mubete is the archetypal middle child, quietly minding her own business while her older and younger sisters keep causing trouble.   -Mubete is the archetypal youngest child, overshadowed by her more forceful siblings, she acts subtly and quietly often deferring to their leads.


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