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Far Swimmers of Mubete

The Far Swimmers of Mubete claim to be the oldest order associated with Mubete if not the oldest religious order in all of Scaraqua.

Demography and Population

A slim majority of the Far Swimmers are Merfolk , but all are welcome.  Ojiongo and Karakhai are fairly common members.  Astakalians are uncommon but by no means unheard of.


Most new members are personally recruited and trained by a single mentor or less commonly by a small coven.  Training is fairly informal.  The Far Swimmers are very much in favor of new recruits learning on the job.

Divine Origins

The Far Swimmers of Mubete claim to have bear the legacy of the very first mortal Scaraquans. They claim all three of other Seeyirah had similar followers but the two orthodox orders faded away as Scaraquans began to move away from a migratory lifestyle.   As far as the Far Swmmers believe, they have always existed as they do now.


The Far Swimmers believe the best life lived is the simplest life.  They live nomadic and aesthetic life styles and generally eschew amassing material wealth or getting tied down to political obligations.

Granted Divine Powers

Like most of Mubete's followers, their favored domains are AnimalDivination, Plant  They also frequently learn Purification and Healing magic.   No magic is forbidden, but Necromancy is all but unheard of in the order and aggressive domains like Wrath and Augmentation are uncommon.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Far Swimmers recognize no national borders, but they are generally allowed freedom to travel where ever they want.  They tend to spend the majority of their time in remote areas of Scaraqua.   The Far Swimmers try to be apolitical, but they have a well deserved reputation for being wise and impartial.  They have a magical aptitude for divination magic and they are wise souls even without magic.  They very rarely intercede in events but when they speak, people tend to listen.
Religious, Druidic Circle


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