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(Perception + Enigmas/Theology)   ● Detect magic, true north, nearby drinkable water, or figure out how many hours it is till sunrise or sunset among other things.   Only one version of this spell can be used at a time. You cannot be looking for magical auras and looking for drinkable water at the same time. This magical effect is vague on what it can or cannot look for, but if another sphere’s ● can detect something, Divination ● cannot detect it. Purification ● can detect undead, Void taint, curses, poisons and diseases but Divination cannot.   ●● Speak or read any language unless it’s a coded or ciphered in which case an opposed roll is made. The level of successes determines how good the communication is. One success is along the lines of “Me friend, me come in peace” whereas five successes allows the caster to speak and convey complex idioms and metaphors.   OR   Listen to surface thoughts of others opposed by target’s Willpower.   OR   Gain bonus dice on an ability you already possess but only for the purpose of recalling facts or something you seen or read. You cannot use these bonus dice to learn something you never new. You can’t use the bonus dice for something active like crafting or combat.   ●●● Pierce phantasms, disguises, invisibility, and magical trickery of all sorts magical with an opposed roll.   ●●●● Pierce phantasms, disguises, invisibility, and magical trickery of all sorts magical with an opposed roll. The Diviner gets a -1 difficulty break on this roll.   OR   Learn facts you never knew about the area you are in without doing legwork. This requires at least ten minutes of meditation. See the chart below.   Successes   One: Pretty much everyone knows this, but it might be new to you if you are a stranger to the area.   Two: Known to a substantial minority of the area.   Three: Uncommon knowledge   Four: Obscure knowledge   Five: Extremely obscure knowledge   ●●●●● Ask your deity a direct question or try to prophesize the future. Vague and cryptic visions are the norm. This requires at least twenty minutes of meditation to receive the answer.   Except for the level 3 and four true seeing powers, these powers are normally time consuming and cannot normally be done in the middle of combat. If the storyteller decides to allow rushed divination spell casting, he may do so but the difficulty goes up.   Once a divine caster (or their player) decides which path to follow, this is usually what the caster follow his or her entire life. That said, it is not impossible to change gears, either after a lengthy spiritual downtime of study and reflection or possibly the result of an extremely traumatic or moving spiritual experience.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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