Weather in Scarterra | World Anvil


(Stamina + Survival)   ● Summon fog or create a small quantity of water. Range is line of sight.   ●● Create a gust of wind or an ice slick. Create a few minutes of a heat wave or cold snap. Range is line of sight.   ●●● Control the wind or water enough to approximate flying, surf across the water effortlessly, perform feats of strength, or grapple opponents. Range is line of sight.   ●●●● Change weather in a local area. Range is Charisma x2 in square miles. This spell takes at least an hour to cast and costs double the normal mana for the level of spell.     ●●●●● Approximate smiting powers of level five Wrath , only they naturally always involve, wind, lightning, ice and the like. Range is Perception x 10 in yards.


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