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Korus Stats in Brief

Korus “Divine Mediator” “Lord of Nature” “The Uncaring One”

Alignment: True Neutral   Priests’ Nickname: Stewards of the Dominion or Stewards of the Gift. Short form, Stewards.   Favored Weapon: Flail   Common Symbol: Light enshrouded tree (though in places where trees are scarce you can see a light enshrouded cactus or kelp plant) or alternatively a tree or other plant flanked by the four elements.   Favored Magic: Animal, Divination, Plant   Divine Trophy: Korus crafted the bones and sinew of one of Turoch's arms into a flail.     Primary Dominion over Nature: The interplay of ecosystems   Primary Gift to Mortals: Agriculture   Synopsis: Korus includes and all of Scarterra's ecosystems under his domain. He is said to have taught mortals the first principles of agriculture. He also enjoys the unique position of none of the other eight of the Nine having a problem with him so he and his agents often serve as mediators in many conflicts great and small. In fact, without Korus as a mediator the Nine would not have been able to put aside their differences long enough to defeat Turoch. While less pushy in his agenda then his siblings, he nevertheless promotes sustainable and responsible use of nature’s bounty.   Priests and Primary Followers: Most priests tend to either take a wilderness focus or an agriculture focus. The former are pretty reclusive and the latter tend to be active parts of their community. The two groups don’t mingle much but they get along fairly well when they do meet. Agricultural focused priest tend to accept oblates from their communities who start at a young age, while wilderness actively recruit somewhat older youth who they believe have the skill set and temperament to be good priests. Because pretty much everyone depends on living off the land to some extant, Korus is the most widely worshiped deity on Scarterra though relatively few people worship him primarily.   Common Times to Invoke his Name: Korus is often prayed to during major agricultural undertakings and most places have a festival in his honor during harvest and planting times. Korus is also prayed to for protection when entering wilderness areas. Korus is often prayed to for patience when dealing with someone of extreme views.   Basic Tenets: -Help others appreciate nature’s bounty.   -Learn to live off the land in a sustainable way.   -Learn about the cycle of nature and how things are interconnected.   -Leave others to their own devices unless they refuse to do likewise for others.     Korus' Portfolio includes but is not limited to: All plants but especially trees, the seasons, predator/prey balance, forests, fishing, agriculture, plant creatures, horses, compromises, prophecy, deviation from gender norms, bridges
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