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Stewards of the Dominion

The Stewards of the Dominion represent Korus' ' wild side, literally. Korus' Dominion is the balance of nature itself and the Stewards of the Dominion seek to serve aid their god in preserving this balance.   They are first and foremost defenders of nature.  They defend the wild and pristine places from despoilers, both the agents of civilization and from supernatural threats like the undead and Void demons.   They are not necessarily hostile to civilization, they just want to keep the balance between nature and civilization in check.  Many villages are unknowingly shielded from the monsters and dangers of nature by the actions of the Stewards of the Dominion.  Sometimes they help these places out of altruism, sometimes they do this out of pragmatism.  If the scions of civilization see nature as little more than a spawning ground for dangerous monsters, they are less likely to want to preserve nature.   The priesthood of the Stewards of the Dominion is relatively small, but they are strong.  Spending long stretches of time in the wilderness makes them hardy, clever, and wise.  They are also magically powerful.   Compared to most other religious groups, a disproportionately high number of their priests and priestesses are anointed and more of Korus' favored souls who choose to join the Stewards prefer to join the Stewards of the Dominion rather than the Stewards of the Gift.


The Stewards of the Gift prefer to recruit new members as young adults.  The Stewards of the Gift are not awash in people volunteering to join them but as the hermit-like Stewards flit in and out of the outskirts of civilization they will sometimes attract admirers, and if the Steward is suitably impressed with one of them, he or she may take on said person an apprentice if they are winning.   Rather than set up schools or training facilities for large groups of initiates, training is usually on the job with a single apprentice shadowing a single mentor.  The apprentice then learns about being a Steward almost entirely on the job.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Stewards of the Dominion rarely play politics, at least not directly.   Their political machinations usually begin and end as an omnipresent unspoken threat.  "If you encroach too greedily into nature, nature will strike you down."   If the Stewards of the Dominion need to communicate with civilization and they do not wish to use the Stewards of the Gift as intermediaries, they are probably issues a poorly veiled threat.   While they are usually standoffish with civilization, they often play politics on the tribal level.  Many nomadic barbarian tribes of nearly all races venerate Korus and these Stewards travel with their kin usually have the ear of the chieftain or council of elders.
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