Talons of Korus

The Talons of Korus is an informal distinction.  They don't have their own temples or official group meetings.   Each and every Stewards of the Dominion takes an oath to punish those who despoil nature when the situation calls for being the instrument of Korus' divine wrath.   The "Talons of Korus" are the Stewards who really revel in their role as being the judge and executioner of nature's will.   All Talons focus on combat and stealth skills, most Talons also are skilled at Animal theurgy and especially like to smite transgressors while wearing the form of an animal or by proxy by magically commanding natural animals to attack their enemies.   Talons of Korus often have trouble relating to less violent Stewards.  Some Stewards who are not Talons respect the Talons as necessary agents of Korus while others believe they are misguided fanatics little better than heretics.
Religious, Sect
Parent Organization

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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