Urban Stewards

Korus is the god of nature and agriculture, but Korus is so widely worshipped that nearly every city has a Korus temple in it despite Korus and his Stewards having a well earned stereotype of generally being anti-city.   However, not all Stewards want to live under a rock, figuratively or literally and someone has to speak for Korus' interests in urban environments so some Stewards can be found in city temples.   Urban Steward is a nickname for Stewards that actually find they like city life and not just tolerate it finding that cities can be as vibrant and dynamic as nature and need the careful tending and looking after of a farm.   Both Korus and his Stewards have a reputation for wisdom and impartiality, so Stewards are sometimes called to mediate disputes.  Given that cities have a lot of people living together in close proximities, there are lots of disputes, so Urban Stewards often become practiced negotiators and mediators.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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