Order of the Green Knights

The Order of the Green Knights are a knightly order sponsored by the Stewards of Korus.   The Green Knights are one of the comparatively few knightly orders in Kantoc that accepts those of common birth and they are flooded in applicants whenever they make recruitment drives.  Because of this plethora of people wanting to send them their sons, the Green Knights can afford to have a very tough training regimen.   In addition to combat, tactics, horsemanship and general discipline they make sure their would-be knights of commoner birth are all fully literate and can hold their own at a state dinner.  They also train in wilderness lore.     The Green Knights are friendly with the Kantoca and will help out their countrymen when and where they can, but their first and most important mission is to defend Korus's holy natural places.   Much of Kantoc is tilled but there are a number of sacred groves and sites scattered around the land of Kantoc.  These sites are guarded fiercely by the Green Knights.   The Green Knights are also called on to help handle problems animal-like magical beasts.  Given their training (and their theurgists wielding nature magic) they can often defuse these situations without resorting to bloodshed.   While nearly every knightly order says they have the best riders, the Green Knights may be the best riders when it comes to negotiating rugged terrain meaning the Green Knights are often called on to handle problems in the frontier.     Most of the land ceded to the Green Knights is pure wilderness.  They might be able to harvest reagents from this land, but they cannot their land holdings to generate income the way other knightly orders can, so the Green Knights are almost entirely dependent on donations to meet their operating expenses.   While Korus' faithful are not known for being a greedy or materialistic lot, the Green Knights know which nobles make large donations to the Stewards and which do not.  It is not difficult for nobles with a history of generous donations in Korus' name to call upon the Green Knights for aid.

Nontraditional Knights

  Kantoc is fairly rigid with their proscribed gender norms, but the Stewards of Korus are pretty open minded.   If a homosexual does not want to hide in the closet and he still wants to be a knight, his best option is to join the Green Knights because they are far more accepting.  Even if his lifestyle bothers other Kantoca they are not going to hassle him about it because very few Kantoca want to get on the wrong side of the Stewards.   Likewise, if a woman wants to be a knight, her best option is probably to join the Green Knights.   The Green Knights have a tough training regimen that a lot of applicants fail on, but anyone will be accepted into the Green Knights if they have the strength and skill.
Military, Knightly Order
Green Knights
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