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Followers of Sea

Most Scaraquans venerate Sea as a powerful cosmic force that is the father/mother of the Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the Sea, but they say that Sea does not listen to or answer the prayers of mere mortals. Even the Seeyirah cannot speak to the Sea.   The Followers of Sea, believe that Sea can and does respond to prayers, at least in a limited fashion. The Followers of Sea believe in harmony and regularly practice mediation.   As of yet the Followers of Sea cannot wield any magic powers but some of the Followers of Sea claim that their most enlightened followers can exercise some limited aspects of Sea's power (but only when there are no non-believers watching).   The Followers of Sea also believe that Sky¬†and Sea Floor¬†wield similar cosmic power but no one as of yet has made a serious attempt to commune with Sky or Sea Floor.     A few undersea princes and religious leaders have attempted to persecute the Followers of Sea, but most ignore them viewing as fools but otherwise harmless given that most of Followers of Sea are pacifists.

Sea is your past, present and future, Sea is All

Religious, Druidic Circle


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