In the minds and hearts of Scaraquans, Sky (with a capital "S") is both a deity and a element cosmic force, second only to Sea in importance.   Sky spawned Heekma and Dalgari, the Sons of the Sky who look after Sky's Fire (capital "F").  The sun, moon, and stars represent true Fire.  On land, lesser fires are but an imitation of the great primal Fire (though still impressive in it's own right)>   The Scaraquan Origin Story for the Source of All Life essentially states that life is possible because of the combination of Fire and Water (capital "W")    While Sky is an important cosmic force, Scaraquans do not view as a proper entity, so Sky has no worshipers.  Even if Sky was a proper entity, it is unlikely that Scaraquans could truly bond with it.

Cover image: "Icon for Sons of the Sky" by me


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