Korus Spiritually Affiliated Creatures

Korus Spirits

  Korus has a fairly high number of active Spirits. Most of Korus' Spirits are affiliated more with the Stewards of the Dominion than the Stewards of the Gift. Korus is a diverse deity with a wide array of tasks that need doing, so his spirit minions have a diverse set of roles and abilities. Naturally, a lot of Korus' Spirits are nature spirits, many of whom double as guardians of sites of natural wonder.   It is very popular for KorusStewards to learn summoning magic. The default land animal summoned is a wolf and the default air animal is a hawk, but almost anything could conceivable. There is even more variety for sea creatures. Basically any sea creature not directly associated with another deity is fair game.   Korus  is not known for being a wrathful god, but when Korus is angry he often releases terrifying monstrous Spirits, the most famous of which is/are probably the Tarasconi.

Korus Creatures

  Korus hasn’t spammed the world with humanoids or intelligent monsters, but he has created a lot of animals and animal-like monsters. It is unclear which animals were created originally by Korus or by Turoch but it matters little, Korus is the god of nearly all animals.     Korus is a dichotomous individual. Sometimes he and his minions create animals to aid civilized folk and sometimes he creates minions to hamper them. The former include horses and horse-like beasts like hippocampi and pegasi . The latter include rust monsters and cockatrices. Most of Korus’ creations are collaborations. He created rust monsters with Nami. He created dogs with Mera . If you believe the stories, Korus created trolls with Maylar .
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