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the Compact

Turoch believed that crafting his primary servants to have drastically differing moral viewpoints would prevent his servants from turning against him. He nearly succeeded.   The Divine Compact, more commonly called "The Compact" was an agreement that the Nine hashed out. It's often spoken to as a written document, but if a written document exists, no mortal has seen it or even a transcription of it. It's unclear what a god or goddess would use for writing material. The Divine Compact might have been an oral agreement.   In theory, the Divine Compact was agreed upon by all the Nine, but it's creation is thought to be mainly Khemra's idea. One of her titles is the Keeper of the Compact.   The exact details of the Compact remain unknown to mortals but it is generally accepted that the main three provisions are as follows:   The Compact presented the original battle plan that the Nine (or in theory the Ten) were to follow against Turoch during The Divine Rebellion.   The Compact established that the Nine would rule Scarterra jointly focusing on their specified Dominions.   The Compact established that the Nine (in theory the Ten) were to have equal shares of the worship and adoration of all mortals in Scarterra in perpetuity.     Even Khemra never intended the Compact to be a static document, especially the battle plan. The phrase "No plan survives contact with the enemy" was coined during The Divine Rebellion, but Khemra still is somewhat bitter against Nami for drastically and seemingly meaninglessly disregarded their battle plan.     The Dominions had to be shuffled around a bit. The birth of the The Void surprised all the Nine forcing the Nine to erect the Barrier and to select one of their number to maintain it. It is also unknown what Dominion , if any would have gone to The Traitor had he or she remained loyal to the Nine.     The part of the Compact that was utterly shredded was the provision that the Nine would enjoy an equal share of all mortal's worship. Nami chose to provide the first Gift to mortal kind, in her case the Gift was free will. Once all mortals had free will they could worship or not worship as they saw fit. This prompted the rest of the Nine to eventually give their own Gifts to mortals in order to win worship from them.   The group known as the Cult of the Compact does not worry about the full provisions of the Divine Compact very much (mortalkind doesn't even know all of it) but they do advocate that mortals should strive to worship all of the Nine equally without playing favorites.
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