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The Traitor

(a.k.a. The Tenth)

Before the Nine were "the Nine", they were known as "the Ten."   The Tenth servant of Turoch had his or her name and identity removed from history. The tenth servant of Turoch is simply referred to as "the Traitor."   The specific details are lost, but when the Nine began plotting to overthrow and slay Turoch, the Traitor pretended to join the Nine in the Divine Rebellion, but then attempted to betray the coup to Turoch and rat out his/her Nine siblings in exchange for being allowed to live.   Most accounts of the Divine Rebellion state that Nami's 's trickery was able to make the Traitor's intelligence given to Turoch appear fake, so Turoch was not on guard until it was too late. Most accounts state that Zarthus slew the Traitor, though some accounts give the credit to one of the other Nine. A few even state that Nami somehow tricked Turoch into slaying the Traitor.     The Nine and their spirit minions refuse to share what the Traitor's true name is and they refuse to definitively answer whether the Traitor was male or female.   Many Scarterran  theologians speculate that since five of the Nine are male and four of the Nine are female, that the Traitor was probably female because Turoch tried to keep his servants in balance against each other.   Scaraquan theologians believe the opposite. As far as they are concerned, five of the Nine are female and four of the Nine are male, therefore the Traitor was probably male. That is assuming they believe in the Traitor at all. The Traitor does not feature as prominently in Scaraquan myth as it does on the surface world.   It is widely rumored that if mortals were to find out the Traitor's true name, the Traitor could be resurrected somehow. Others whisper that the Traitor was not actually slain. Rather he or she was imprisoned by the Nine and hidden away in an unknown realm.  Speculation on this has spawned Traitor Cults.
Divine Classification
dead god or goddess
unknown, sometimes presumed female


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