Traitor Cults

The mainstream priesthoods do not like to speak of it, but the the Compact was initially written dividing the world not between the Nine but between the Ten.   Some theorize that since the infrastructure of nature itself was split up by the Compact, that the world of Scarterra one tenth less vibrant and rich due to the the Traitor's absence from the Nine.   A rare few Scarterrans strive to bring the Traitor back from the dead. Most hope the Traitor will reward them with fantastic divine power, but a few want to resurrect the Traitor  as a stepping stone to resurrecting Turoch.   Any and all traitor cults with teeth are resurrection cults. Try as the clerics of the Nine might, they haven’t been able to quash a legend. A legend circulates that if eighty-one people chant the Traitor's True Name eighty-one times in succession, the Traitor will be reborn. Not one of the eighty-one people are can be forced or tricked nor can a single one of them be hesitant.   There is some speculation that the Traitor's motivations may not have been purely self serving and that if she came back, a tenth dominion would come with it enriching all of creation but there are relatively few people who think that the Traitor coming back would be ubiquitously a good thing.   There’s plenty of difficulty gathering eighty-one people who actually want The Traitor  to come back and want him/her to come back and are willing to risk the wrath of each of the Nine to do so.   The bigger limiting factor is that no one knows what the The Traitor's actual name was, to say nothing of his/her True Name and most people don’t even know where to start looking for it.   The Nine oppose these cults with a fervor that makes some speculate that they believe resurrecting the Traitor is actually possible (though unlikely) and that resurrecting Turoch is not (since Turoch resurrection cults are often practically ignored). While the lawful deities tend to be the most strident opponents of Turoch's cults, the flocks of the chaotic deities, Zarthus in particular, are usually the first ones to respond against Traitor worshipping cults.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cults of the Ten


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