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Cult of the Compact

The Cult of the Compact, despite it's name, has relatively little to do with the Divine Compact, more commonly known simply as the Compact.   The main thing they took from the Compact is the provision that the Nine would split the worship of all mortals equally.   Most Scarterrans are polytheistic to some extant, but the Cult of the Compact takes this further. They encourage all to worship the Nine equally as possible and not to play favorites.   It is rare, but the Cult of the Compact does produce some theurgists who can wield divine empowered by the whole pantheon of all of the Nine rather than drawing their magic from a single god or goddess.   The Cult of the Compact tend to resemble stereotypical druids in their daily practice. They generally favor minimalist lifestyles and tend to stick to wilderness areas.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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