Hallisan spiritually affiliated creatures

Hallisan Spirits

  Hallisan prefers to act through his mortal followers rather than send spirits to do his dirty work, but he recognizes his followers cannot be everywhere at once, so he tries to deploy spirits to pick up the slack where his worshippers cannot conveniently intervene.   Hallisan has a wide variety of types of spirits at his disposal including healers, advisers, assistants, etc, but most spirits he deploys have a martial bent. Hallisan doesn’t deploy spirits very often, but when he does he usually either wants to protect something or someone or smite something or someone.    

Hallisan Creatures

  Hallisan had help from some of his siblings creating the first dwarves, but dwarves are very much a Hallisan race. They like honor, marital prowess, metal working, and tied to the earth. I feel an urge to expand the Hallisan creature roster later, but for now dwarves are pretty much Hallisan's only spiritual children.
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