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Stahlheimer dwarves

Stahlheimers are traditional dwarves that have assimilated a modest amount of human customs. They naturally hail from the the nation of Stahlheim   Stahlheimers view orcs as their enemies but do not see orcs as an existential threat to them.   Stahlheimers often use warhammers and battle axes in battle, but they are just as likely to use swords and spears.   Most Stahlheimers prefer to split their time between the underground and the surface.   Stahlheimers are prodigious drinkers. They enjoy a wide variety of spirits but tend to hard cider.   Stahlheimers are not known for being warm to either humans or elves, but they value trade with the human nations of West Colassia and with the Elven Empire. Stahlheimers usually make attempts to mask their gruff instincts under a veil of formal politeness.   Stahlheimers are not overly fond of the sea, but they are pragmatic enough to value maritime trade.

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