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Border Baronies Region

The Border Baronies is a collective term for a hilly wet region in West Colassia sandwiched between Meckelorn and Stahlheim. The western reaches of the Border Baronies extend into Kantoc's borders and the eastern edge of the Border Baronies touches Fumaya   The Border Baronies region is made up of over a dozen petty kingdoms somewhat isolated from each other, ruled by independent lords nicknamed the Border Baronies. Some of them have adopted the title "Baron" but most choose more grandiose titles.   The people of the Border Barons and their subjects are a willful independent lot. They often call themselves the Unconquered. When the Elven Empire was at it's political peak it ruled over half of West Colassia but they could never subjugate the Border Baronies. When orcs briefly conquered most of the continent, their advance was eventually checked in region of the Border Baronies.


Much of the region is either too swampy or two rugged for farming but small fertile "islands" of arable land dot the region.


  • Border Baronies
    The Border Baronies is a collective term for a hilly wet region in West Colassia that is sandwiched between larger nations.  The rugged terrain causes the people there to be fairly isolated as over a dozen independent petty kingdoms and republics dot the region.

Cover image: Map of the Border Baronies by Pendrake


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