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Duchy of Wiern

The Duchy of Wiern is the arch of Fumaya's sock.   The Duchy has fertile plains and is fed by several rivers and lakes ideal for irrigation making this Duchy the bread basket of Fumaya growing a wide variety of grains, root vegetables and other crops.   Wiern is about the only region in Fumaya with sparse timberland and it's mineral resources are even rarer. While the region exports foodstuffs, they have to import almost everything else.


Feudalistic with patrimonial succession of hereditary titles.


The central county is the County of Olessia is the geographic, political and economic center of the Duchy. It is sandwiched between the three major lakes. Olessia is the home of the Duke's personal demense and castle. Roughly 105,000 people live in Olessia.   The northwest region is the County of Ogenia is bounded to the south by Lake Ewa and Lake Janah. The largest province in the duchy both in terms of land and population. Roughly 120,000 people live in Ogenia.   The southeast region is the County of Bazyli's Arch is bounded by Lake Janah and Lake Aleksandra on the north. The smallest duchy in terms of land and people but it has the duchy's only working mine. Roughly 60,000 people live in Bazyli's Arch.   The western region is the County of Westriver. Bound by an actual river and Lake Ewa and Lake Aleksandra. Roughly 90,000 people live in West River.

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