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Village of Satyrs

The Village of Satyrs, located in Duchy of Wiern is unsurprisingly where most of Fumaya's satyrs call home.   About half of the nation's satyrs live in the village full time and the other half roam but even the roaming goats think of the Village of Satyrs as a home base.   The village is about two thirds satyrs, one third humans with a larger than usual half-elf minority.  It should be noted these are mostly half-human/half satyrs but most half-satyrs have few if any goat-like traits and look more or less like "regular" half-human half-elves.


satyrs 60%, humans 30%, half-elves  7%, Other 3%

Industry & Trade

The village economy relies on their vineyards. Employing about half of the locals either picking grapes or making wine in one of the three wineries. There is also a brewery and distillery. The other half of the villagers provide basic services to the wine makers.   The Village of Satyrs is along Fumaya's main north-south road so this village supports a few inns.   The village has a fair number of black market trades that are an open secret, mainly gambling and prostitution.


Gently rolling hills covered in grapevines and dotted with occasional small buildings.

Natural Resources

They have a few vegetable and herb gardens but the region doesn't produce much other than grapes and wine so grain, metal goods, textiles, and firewood has to be mostly imported.
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